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Bob Bailey's "Patient Like The Chipmunks: A Short Film On The History Of Operant Conditioning" Screening & Conversation

$10 per classPurchase required to enroll
Dr. Bob Bailey is a biologist, animal trainer and systems analyst. He consults for government agencies and commercial concerns on issues in applied behavior analysis, including animal training. Dr. Bailey is the widower of Dr. Marian Breland Bailey, who, along with her late first husband, Keller Breland, was a graduate student in B.F. Skinner's lab at the University Of Minnesota. Dr. Bailey's company, Animal Behavior Enterprises, which was started by his late wife and Keller Breland, produced trained animal shows for companies and behavioral systems for governmental agencies. The operant-conditioning-based techniques they developed, while training more than 140 different species for commercial and governmental work, spread first to dolphin trainers, and later laid the foundation for the modern-day clicker training movement.

Join Dr. Bailey in conversation with School For The Dogs' Co-Founder, Annie Grossman, following a viewing of his original film, Patient Like The Chipmunks: a 45-minute-long documentary that tracks the birth of Animal Behavior Enterprises from Skinner's lab through the end of the 20th century. You'll learn about the effort to train pigeons to guide missiles for the government, Animal Behavior Enterprises' extensive animal displays (and even a trained-animal amusement park), Dr. Bailey's work training dolphins for the military, and the role that the family's children played in raising animals, all of whom were always trained without punishment. Patient Like The Chipmunks breaks down the science of operant conditioning into simple language, and also offers an exciting look at what is possible when one masters the art and science of reward-based animal training.

Cost: $10

All proceeds will go to the Henderson State University Marian Breland Bailey Memorial Fund.