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Prep School

Prep School is a six-week basic manners class designed to help you create a solid foundation of leadership and communication with your teenage or adult dog.

Grad School

Strengthen your dog’s behavior and sharpen your own training skills in this Advanced class. We will incorporate the “3 D’s” in exercises and games that will test your abilities as a team!

Puppy Kindergarten

Our specialized Puppy Kindergarten group classes are an excellent way to get your puppy off to a great start! This course will cover important foundation behaviors, puppy topics such as socialization, grooming, potty training, and more. Classes also provide supervised off-leash playtime for puppies!

Sidewalk Psychos: Level 1

Sidewalk Psychos is an 8-week group class with an urban focus specifically designed for for NYC dogs who bark, lunge or growl at other dogs on leash walks.

Tricks Class: Level 1

Learn building-block behaviors you can use to teach fun tricks, hone training, or groom a dog for the screen or stage. Pre-requisite: Prep School or instructor approval.

Tricks Class: Level 2

Use the building-blocks learned in Tricks Level 1 to teach your dog more advanced behaviors, including chain behaviors, differentiation, and even using an i-pad!

Intro to Scent Work

Scent work allows your dog to use their favorite thing: their nose! We’ll use their ability and desire to sniff things out to teach focus and burn some energy.

Calm Canine

If your dog has difficulty settling in new environments and could use help keeping their focus on you around distractions, this innovative group class is for you.

CGC Preparation Course

Let's take your skills up a notch! Continuing the work from Grad School, CGC Preparation Course will begin to take your skills outside in the real world! The streets of NYC are full of distraction, temptation, and crowds, but you and your dog can learn to navigate them with calm, focus, and confidence.

Field Trip

Take you and your dog’s skills out into real world adventures! These are opportunities to get out of the city for day trips with your dog, while practicing and strengthening their behaviors in new environments.

Cooperative Care: A Stress Free Approach to Grooming, Vet Visits, and Medical Maintenance

Imagine putting your dog’s harness on, taking them to the vet, cutting their nails, giving them a bath, and administering eye/ear drops without any struggle or stress. Sound impossible? We’ll show you how!


Unlock the inner athlete in your dog! This fun course is the city-dog’s answer to traditional “agility” classes.

iPaw Course

This class, which was first developed by our co-founder Annie Grossman in 2013, challenges you to engage your dog with something you have on you all the time: Your touch screen device. Learn how you can use an iPad or iPhone to teach your dog new concepts and improve your ability to shape and cue subtle behaviors.

Pet First Aid and CPR with Dr. Lisa Lippman

Come learn Pet CPR and First Aid during this 3-hour course with Dr. Lisa Lippman.